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1 August 2019


We would like to thank all of our visitors that attended the airshow. We estimate an attendance of approximately 7,500 people. We had over 30 aircraft in attendance including TWO P-51 Mustangs and a C-47. There were a number of other trainers and light cargo aircraft present.


L-2 Recovered


The Museum's L-2M and the member-owned BT-13 have returned to flight condition. Test flights went as expected and they have both been approved to venture away from the airport and to carry passengers. The BT-13 is polished aluminum and is not painted: it takes a lot of dedication to keep an aircraft polished up.




Work has continued on the Stinson 10A and it is expected to be ready for test flights soon. The majority of work remaining is final painting and assembly. A new propeller was purchased from Sensenich Propellers and will be installed on the engine when work is complete.


John Beck of Beck Steel has donated a new 81' x 81' hangar which is currently under construction and is expected to be completed around the end of September. It is located across from the maintenance hangar and fills a great need for more aircraft display space.


The Museum is planning on attending a few airshows this fall. The first is CAF Airsho in Midland on Sept. 14 and 15, Ranger Fly in on October 5, and Sheppard AFB Airshow on October 26. If you attend any of these events drop by and say hello.


As always stop by any Friday afternoon or all day Saturday and come see us!



20 March 2019


The Texas Air Museum's South Plains Airshow will be on June 15th 2019. We are pleased to announce the headline act for the airshow is the YAK-110. Other acts and aircraft have been booked for the airshow including: Vertigo Airshows Glider Act, Ron Cain and his Chipmunk, CAF P-39 Cobra, CAF B-25 Mitchell, VFM C-47 Skytrain, and numerous others. Gates open at 9am. Admission: Adults $15, Kids aged 6-12 $10, Kids 5 and under FREE!


2019 South Plains Airshow


A BIG thanks to our newest life member John Beck and Beck Steel for the donation of a new hangar! Construction will start soon and the building is expected to be completed in time for the Airshow. This is monumental for the museum, as we were starting to run out of space for the flying aircraft.


Maintenance season is in full swing. The AT-19's annual is complete. The Ki-51, T-6G, and PT-26 annuals are either in progress or starting in the next few weeks.


The L-2M is recovered and painted. Assembly has started and Tumbleweed is looking rejuvenated. We went back with OD green over gray, but large white numbers are being sported for visibility. An updated radio is also being added for safe communications in the traffic pattern.


L-2 Recovered


The Stinson 10A has completed its first engine run. Work has slowed on it as most of the volunteers' attention is focused on returning the L-2M to flying status.


The Jeep has both axles installed and is sitting on its wheels. Work has begun on rebuilding the engine and transmission.




Several members have purchased airplanes recently. Vince Fell purchased a Grumman AA-1C, Jeff Goodrich a Zenith 801, Skip Kelley a Cub project, David Ryan an L-17, and Malcolm and Brian Laing are almost finished with the inspection and repair of their newly acquired 1942 Vultee BT-13. Stop by on Friday afternoons or Saturdays from 9am to 4pm to see everything that is going on!



5 October 2018


First we must apologize for the lack of updates, things have been very busy this summer.


Let's start with the airplanes:


The Pt-26 and Ki-51 have been flying regularly. The T-6 has been up about once a month and the AT-19 had the ADSB transponder installed at Ezell Aviation and is also up about once a month. The Twin Beech is in annual, but having some issues with the right engines prop governor.


The L-2 cover is almost complete and looking very good, expecting it back on its gear before the end of the year and the Stinson 10-A to have its first engine runs about the same time.


We were donated a second Sonia, N1131Z this summer, but due to the engine stopping over Tennessee, it had to be dismantled and is having the wing and engine repaired off site.


New tires and combat rim bolts were purchased for the jeep and it has the rear axle installed. Work is continuing on the front axle so we can have both axles under the jeep.


We have had a lot of new members join over the summer, if I try to list them all I know I will forget someone. The Museum aircraft and/or its members attended numerous airshows and events this summer, including the Colorado City fly in, Silent Wings D-Day event, Breckenridge Air Show, the WASP Museum homecoming, Ft. Sill Air Show, Ranger Airshow and the Midland CAF airshow. New members got a chance to attend their first airshows as crew and it was a lot of fun to watch them looking at the displays.


The F9F is almost ready for its new paint job which was approved by the Navy, several displays have been updated and we are starting the planning for an airshow in 2019.



4 February 2018


It has been a busy month around the museum. In the never-ending battle that is yearly maintenance cycle, we are making great headway. The twin beech passed all the gear checks and fuselage inspections, it just needs to go back together. The PT-26 and the Ki-51 Sonia annuals were switched on the schedule as multiple pilots have started their checkout in the PT-26. The Sonia was also apart and is ready for inspection.


Sonia in annual


The AT-19 completed its annual and is having a few minor cosmetic things done. One of these is the canvas cover over the right main was replaced, and the horizontal tail also needs repainting.


Many things have been accomplished on the Stinson 10A. Everything behind the pilots seats has been completed. The boot cowl was painted along with the door and rear window covers. The rear windows and window covers have been installed. Work will now focus on the engine cowling and cockpit.


Stinson 10AStinson 10A


Brand new propellers were ordered for the Stinson 10A as well as the L-2. These propellers are really going to bring together all the hard work that is being put into both the L-2 and the Stinson 10A.


Stinson 10A and L-2 Props



The L-2 is starting to undergo a recover. The first wing has been covered with fabric as well as some of the tail surfaces. The second wing is ready for cover. The plan is to cover the wings and tail surfaces and then stitch and tape them at the same time. This should speed up the process a little. Then the fuselage will be recovered.


L-2 WingL-2 Wing



Progress slowed on the jeep, but a generous donation from Dr. Jack DuBose and Family has allowed for us to start acquiring new tires and parts for both axles to get the jeep to a rolling chassis.


Upcoming Events


Fort Sill Airshow, April 7

Breckenridge Airshow, May 27

Wasp Museum Fly-in, May 27


Many thanks to Mike Bryan for his untiring work to inspect the aircraft this winter.


Jarrett Steiwig has completed his checkout in the PT-26, with Vince Fell and Jeff Goodrich getting their first flights in it.



20 December 2017


As winter rolls in the yearly maintenance cycle is in full swing. The twin beech has passed its engine checks and Mike Bryan is moving into the fuselage. The L-2 has been taken apart and the fabric has been removed from the wings and tail assemblies. The first wing is almost ready to be recovered. A new propeller was ordered to go back to the original wood style instead of a metal propeller and lively discussion has been had concerning a different paint scheme. The AT-19 and the PT-26 are next in line for their annual inspections. Thanks to Mike Bryan for helping us with the inspections.


The Stinson 10A is having the boot cowl and doors painted currently as the work on the instrument panel is wrapping up. A new wood propeller was also ordered from Sensenich. A pair of landing gear fillets were located in California and that completes the hunt for required parts. Texas Tech Engineering has help arrange the duplication of the Stinson boot cowl logos and the trim assembly has been finalized. We are entering the final steps to the airplanes restoration with plans for an early spring first engine run on track.


Parts acquisition for the PT-17 Stearman project is still continuing. In the past few weeks we have found a new tailwheel fork and a second throttle quadrant. The 1945 jeep progress has slowed as most of the volunteers for it are tech students and they are approaching finals. But most of the major components have been disassembled and we are determining what parts need to be replaced and what can be reused.


Jarrett Steiwig had begun his transition into the PT-26, he is hoping to be able to take it to airshows next year. Below is a photo of the AT-19 from the Ranger Air Show which was the last one the Museum attended in 2017 (Photo Credit: Lynn Beard).


AT-19 at Ranger Air Show



19 October 2017


Things around the Texas Air Museum have been busy with the fall weather. Museum airplanes have attended the Midland CAF Airsho, Ranger Fly-in, Lubbock Executive Fly-in, Lubbock International Fly-in, and our own Fall Fly-in.


Maintenance on museum planes continues as normal and the Beech 18 required that the cylinder valves to be adjusted on both engines, and as this wraps up it will be time to start annual inspections on all of the planes. The Stinson 10A is getting close to completion as most of the firewall aft has been completed and the engine is a few weekends away from running. It has been decided that the Taylorcraft L-2 will have the airframe inspected and be recovered this winter. We have also begun to acquire parts for the PT-13 Stearman project that we should start next summer. In the jet yard, the F-9F Cougar is expected to be completely stripped of paint by the end of the year. Big thanks to Jeff Goodrich again for all his hard work and donated materials in this endeavor. A paint scheme has been chosen and is pending approval of the National Museum of Naval Aviation.


F-9F Bare


Mike Bryan, one of the museum mechanics, has started flying the AT-19 and the Ki- 51 to support the museum flight operations as well as overseeing maintenance operations. Jeff Goodrich and Vince Fell have completed their tail wheel check out in the L-2 and have started flying it on the weekends. Celeste Hoehne has graciously volunteered to take over as the museum treasure. Museum volunteers have been very busy giving tours on the past few weekends to groups from Texas Tech and the general public.



31 July 2017


We were able to send the PT-26, Ki-51, AT-19, and T-34 to the Breckenridge Airshow, which was the first one held in roughly 25 years. All but the Ki-51 flew in the airshow during the trainer flight.


At our Fly-in on June 10th, the winner of the poker run won a custom hand painted portrait of his aircraft. Our winner Sam McGill, winning with four 6's, picked up the painting of his Comanche this last weekend. We give a special thanks to our artist, Robert McFadden, for the wonderful painting.


Winner's Painting Painting presentation


Progress continues on the 1945 Jeep, as the frame and combat rims have been sandblasted and painted. The leaf springs have been rebuilt and installed. The next step is to rebuild the front and rear axels. Our new volunteer Miles has helped tremendously with this effort. Work continues on the stripping of the F9F Cougar, with a big thanks to Jeff Goodrich for all the hard work. The Beech 18 had to have a cylinder replaced, and the work on that is in progress. The Stinson 10A has had the cowling fit and is ready for the final pieces to be painted. The engine has been de-pickled and all oil and fuel lines have been installed. We are hoping for our first engine run in the next two months.


1945 Jeep Project


Jeff Goodrich and Vince Fell have sponsored the L2 and have begun their checkouts. Brian Laing has been building his time in both the PT-26 and Ki-51.


We are planning to attend the CAF Airsho, the Ranger fly-in, and a few other events before the year end. We are also planning another fly-in breakfast for later in the fall. This one will not have all the events of the one in June, but will still be great fun.



03 June 2017


The Texas Air Museum would like to invite any and all to attend a Fly-In Breakfast on June 10th starting at 8:00am! Events include a poker rally, flour bombing competition and a drawing for a flight in a warbird! Fly in or come by to see those who did! See our Facebook page here for more details!


14 April 2017


We have had a busy few months over the winter. First, we at the museum would like to congratulate our members Chris and Jamie Mills on their new baby boy.


We have completed the annual inspections on the AT-19 relieving it of its sticky valve. The annual inspections have been completed on the PT-26, Ki-51, T-6, L-2M, and the Beech 18. Work has slowed on the Stinson 10A, but many parts have been painted the final red color and installed permanently.


Paint is still being stripped on the F9F and we are hoping for warmer weather so we can finish the paint removal process. Parts are still being acquired and organized for the PT-17 that is patiently waiting in the corner. We have also made progress on the 1945 Jeep and the frame has been sent off for sand blasting.


Several displays have been updated and changed including displays in the Vietnam War exhibit and in the German WWII exhibit.


Unfortunately the Airshow that was scheduled for the beginning of June has been downgraded to a Fly-in due to a lack of funds. We plan on trying for an Airshow in June of 2018. The Fly-in is scheduled for June 10, 2017 and will include a poker rally and a flour bombing competition. All types of aircraft are welcome to compete and the public is also welcome to come watch.


We plan to attend many other airshows and fly-ins as well this spring. A few of those are the Breckinridge Airshow, Brady fly-in, WASP Reunion, the Abilene Fly-in and a few others.


Many thanks to the volunteers that help keep the museum and the planes flying. We have had several new volunteers join already this spring and look forward to flying with them when the weather allows.



20 November 2016


The AT-19 has a sticky valve that we need to look at, so it is first up for Annual Inspection. The Stinson 10A work continues with the electrical system completely installed and the tail and wing fairings nearly complete. The rear window frames are ready for plexiglass and the doors have been test fit. The Museum's PT-17 Stearman has a few more parts in the corner, including a rebuilt center section with fuel tank. The 1945 Willys Jeep is awaiting sandblasting.


Work continues on stripping the F9F for its new paint job and the yard work is nearly over for the season. Planning has started to pick up pace for the Air Show, scheduled for June 10 2017. We have scheduled a number of aircraft already, one of which is a P-39, which will be a first for our show.


Members continue to volunteer their time and effort on a regular basis to help us progress on several projects and displays. If you are in the area please drop by to see the difference they make!


Stinson 10AStinson 10A Stinson 10A



17 October 2016


The Beech 18 is now flying on a regular basis; we have had to chase down the normal minor issues following a restoration. It has attended a number of flying events: the Sweetwater WASP fly-in and the CAF airshow in Midland to name a few. The L-2, PT-26, Ki-51, AT-19 and T-6 are also all in annual and flying regularly, but the AT-19 seems to have a sticky valve that we need to look into. The Stinson 10A languished in the corner for a while but we are now back working on it, with the fuel system completely installed and the electrical system nearly complete. The engine now turns over, we are working to finish the ignition system and brakes, then we will go back to finish painting it as a CAP aircraft. The museum's next project is over in the corner, a PT-17 Stearman that is planned for completion as a mid-war Tuskegee Primary Trainer. Additionally, the 1945 Willys Jeep has been dismantled for restoration with the frame straightened and the correct bumpers installed. The frame is now ready to be sand-blasted and painted.


Work has continued on stripping the F9F for its new paint job, and of course the yard work has kept us busy. A new Bessie Coleman display went up this summer; she was truly an interesting and remarkable person! Charlie Screws brought his extended family by to see the display of his P-47 vertical tail and they were all very moved to see the display honoring him.


We have been very lucky to have even more young members join in the past couple months and they continue to inspire our older volunteers. Matt Auld was one of the most recent ones to join and he also sponsored the L-2, immediately beginning his check-out in it and working on his tail wheel endorsement. Jamie Mills has sponsored the Beech 18 and began her checkout in it this past weekend.



26 April 2016


The Beech 18 and the T-6 are undergoing their annuals, both should be signed off the first of May. The Beech 18 has been a long time consuming affair, our thanks to Mike Bryant for leading the way on this, we are looking forward to seeing it in the air soon! The L-2, PT-26, Ki-51 and AT-19 have all completed their annuals and are flying regularly. The Stinson 10A has languished in the corner while we were working on the annuals, but we expect to be back at work on in in the middle of May, with a plan to complete the project this fall. The Texas Air Museum plans to send 2 museum aircraft down to the Brady fly-in on May 23, along with the T-34. There are a few open seats for the trip, so let Malcolm or Mike Delano know if you are interested. Work has continued on stripping the F9F for a new paint job and of course the yard work has started.


We have had a number of new members join in the past couple months, are they are making their presence felt. Rio and Damen Wagley both joined, Rio has been a great help to Mike Bryant on the Beechcraft. Archie Ervin has been working with Ashley Churchill to get current again so that he can get started in the L-2. Ashley continues to bring out Texas Tech students like Travis McCluskey who while not having joined the museum dive in and help where ever possible. This has lead to an interesting and diverse group of volunteers working every weekend, and as the weather improves, I look forward to meeting even more new volunteers!



12 February 2016


We have been exceptionally busy since the airshow. We completely cleaned out the maintenance hangar and had it insulated. This has made a bigger difference than we ever expected in making it comfortable to work in this winter. We have also had the south fence line completely replaced and added a large gate for better access. Air conditioning is being arranged for the middle and front display buildings which will include upgrades to both heating units.


We are still working to get the P-47 display completed, and have upgraded a number of other displays with new artifacts that have been donated. One complete WW II German dress uniform from a well know pilot was donated, we are working on designing a proper display for it.


The Beech 18 and the AT-19 are undergoing their annuals. The PT-19 and T-6 are due in March and April respectively and both are currently flying. The L-2 and Sonia have both completed their annuals and are back flying. The Stinson 10A has had the wings attached permanently, aileron cables fitted, flap cables fitted and the instrument panel installed.


A number of new members have been making their presence felt: Ashley Churchill has set up an Instagram account for the museum. She has also been bringing out Texas Tech students when she comes out on Saturdays who have continued to come out on their own and have been a great help. David Ryan has been coming out during the week and completing small projects, allowing us to move forward on other things. Thanks again to all our volunteers! Without them we would not exist.



06 July 2015


The South Plains Air Show was an outstanding success! Attendance was the best ever, the weather was perfect and the performers were top notch. A huge thank you to all the volunteers and people who came out to watch the show. We had some special visitors this time, Gene and Linda Irvin came out from Casa Grande to watch the show and check up on the PT-19 that they donated last year. They decided after seeing everything that it was in the right place.


The Beech 18 propellers have been returned after the AD check, we are hoping to have it in annual in time to take it down to Midland for the High Sky Wing Air Show in late August. The PT-19 has had the left mag pulled and sent off for rebuild, we had noticed that it was a little weak the last few times it was flown.


The T-6, At-19, L-2 and Sonia are all in annual and flying regularly. David Ryan has begun to transition up into the Sonia and Jon Fleming is about to begin in the AT-19. The TV for the 8th Air Force display should be purchased soon and the Plexiglas for the P-47 display has been ordered. Several building upgrades are under consideration along with some additional fencing.


Texas Air Museum and its members own several historical aircraft which are maintained and flown regularly. In addition, the Museum is fortunate to have many static displays of military jets and other transport vehicles either owned by or on loan to the Museum. The Museum and its members are also actively involved in restoring historical aircraft to flying status or display quality. Browse through our gallery to see a glimpse of what the Texas Air Museum has to offer.



05 March 2015


The Texas Air Museum would first like to thank Ray and Mark Lee of Plainview for the donation of an airworthy 1955 Beech E18S, freshly painted as a 1955 corporate aircraft. Mike Bryant will be the lead on completing its annual and flying it to Slaton. This aircraft is a true classic and is a wonderful addition to the Museum. We truly appreciate his generosity and look forward to taking it to many local airshows.


Beech 18Beech 18


We would also like to thank Mr. Mike Fuller of Malibu, California for his donation of the intact vertical tail fin of a P-47D that was recovered from Germany. With his help, we were able to reunite the tail with the pilot of the plane, which was shot down and bellied in on January 29, 1944. Col. Charlie Screws (Retired) of Abilene, Texas was able to see the tail and provide the complete story of how he was shot down and evaded the Germans in France. Col. Screws signed the tail and a display case is being constructed for it.


P47 Tail with Col Screws


The T-6 is now back on the flight line with no issues. The L-2 has completed its annual and the PT-26 is undergoing its annual.


The F-14 has been moved up onto its pads. The stripping of the F9F has begun, but since it is outside the weather has continued to be a major factor on the slow progress. This winter has been far colder than normal and has hindered most efforts to work outside.


F14 NosegearF14 Maingear


The 1/32 scale Eighth Air Force display case has been completed and the diorama is stunning. The work progresses on the wall and photo display. Other displays have been moved or placed in storage to accommodate the expanded display.


Eigth Air Force Display


The South Plains Air Show has been set for June 6, 2015 and we have already booked in a P-51 and Kyle Franklin. Fund raising continues so that we can invite more acts and put on the quality of show that the community has come to expect.



01 December 2014


The T-6 engine was evaluated and repaired by Covington Engines and returned to the museum in early November. The engine was reinstalled and test run, followed by a test flight after the annual was signed off. A second test flight will be conducted after we address one minor issued noted with the hydraulics on the first flight.


The Stinson 10A wings were installed and the instrument panel installed. The flight and engine instruments are in the process of being hooked up, then the glare shield and windscreen can be final installed. Flaps and ailerons have a first coat of red dope on them, but they are not yet ready to install.


Annual inspections are in line for the rest of the museum aircraft. We are trying to have all the annuals conducted during the winter to minimize the down time during the air show season.


The F-14 pads were poured and have now cured out; the engineer requested a 3-4 week cure time due to the volume of concrete poured into each pad. In the coming weeks we will pull it forward 3 feet up on to the new pads and begin securing it to them. The stripping of the F9F has begun, but since it is outside the weather has been a major factor on the progress. A concrete pad was also poured for the concrete picnic table and benches which were donated; they have been installed on the pad located between the A-7 and T-2.


The 1/32 scale Eighth Air Force display received a $5000 restricted donation which has allowed us to build the 6' by 6' display case and will let us display all the bomb strike photos in a digital format within a full size diorama. Several other displays will be moved, placed in storage or downsized to accommodate the expanded display in the next month as the diorama is developed and constructed.


David Ryan has continued to build his tail wheel time in the L-2 when he is not helping with projects and is looking forward to moving up to the PT-26 and Sonia. A new volunteer, David Bucks, has been giving all the projects a hand and has been a great help, our thanks to him for all the hard work.



10 September 2014


The T-6 engine has been evaluated by Covington and they have begun the repairs required. We expect it to be back in 2-3 weeks, but not in time for the T-6 to go to the Ranger Airshow. The AT-19, PT-26 and Ki-51 are planning to attend the show on October 4th in Ranger, Texas.


David Ryan has completed his checkout in the L-2 and both he and Jon Fleming took the L-2 to the Plains Fly-in on August 30th. Malcolm and Vicki Laing took the AT-19 to the fly-in at the same time.


The Stinson 10a wings and lift struts have been painted and will be installed in the next few weeks, now that the interior head liner is complete. The C-45 has languished while we worked on the Stinson 10a, but we will get back to it soon.


The F-14 has had holes dug for a new set of concrete pads so that we can properly get it onto stands. We expect to have the pads framed up and concrete poured by mid- October. We are also in the process of getting a new paint scheme for the F-14 approved by the Navy, we are planning to back into the “Jolly Rogers” scheme, if approved. The paint job will be quite expensive, so we are beginning to put funds back to cover the cost. We are also beginning to strip the F9F so that it can go back into the same scheme but with a better quality of paint that will last longer. The 1/32 scale B-17 and airfield display models are ready, we are working to get a proper cover for the 6 foot by 5 foot display case we will need to construct to house it all.


The mowing, tree trimming and yard work is looking quite good, thanks to all that have helped with the effort! We are still trying to locate aged wood for the Flak 88 backdrop, please let us know if you know of any that can be acquired.



21 July 2014


The T-6 was nearing the end of its annual inspection when we discovered an engine problem, which required us to remove the engine for repairs. It will be sent to Covington Engines in Oklahoma this week. We are hoping that we can get it back within the next 6 weeks.


T-6 Flying


David Ryan has almost completed his checkout in the L-2, we are looking forward to another tail wheel pilot on the list of approved pilots. The AT-19 completed it’s annual last month and has been flying to support the museum goals over the past few weekends, which included the T-34, T-28, AT-19 and the PT-26 all attending the Snyder Airshow.


The Stinson 10a lift struts and wings are still waiting for paint, we have not had the room to spread them out and paint them yet. The C-45 has had additional parts stripped and prepped for paint in the past weeks.


We of course have been mowing and keeping the grounds clean and touching up the paint on the outside displays. We plan to continue work on preparing the Stinson 10a wings for installation and wiring the starter system in to it along with reinstalling the T-6 engine when it returns.



15 April 2014


The PLAYDAY on April 12, 2014 was great fun. We had visitors from both the CAF and the Silent Wings Museums. They, along with volunteers and their spouses all received rides if they wanted one. The T-6, PT-26 and Ki-51 were kept busy, many thanks to Randy Moore and Jon Fleming for giving the rides. The L-2 did not fly due to the winds being a little high for it to fly comfortably. Hamburgers, beans and chips were had by all. If you missed this one, we are sure to do it again soon.


The Korean War/Viet Nam War displays in the middle building are receiving a lot of praise from visitors. Thanks again to all who helped get it ready!


Jon Fleming completed his checkout in the PT-26 and was giving rides during the Playday. The concrete pad for the Flak 88 was completed and looks wonderful, we now need to locate some weathered wood for the backdrop.


The Stinson 10a lift struts are waiting for paint and the T-6 had the encoder wired in. The AT-19 is still waiting on a replacement cable to complete its annual inspection, and no work was completed on the C-45 due to the final cleanup on the minor flood in the BOQ. After we dried out the BOQ we decided to reorganize the office and this took the next three weekends. It was well worth the effort and looks much more functional.


On the horizon are a spring cleanup of the museum grounds and the first of many grass mowing opportunities. We plan to continue work on preparing the Stinson 10a wings for installation and wiring the starter system in.



12 March 2014


As a thank you to the dedicated volunteers a PLAYDAY is scheduled for April 12, 2014. Hamburgers will be cooked and weather allowing, the museum airplanes will be giving rides to the volunteers.


The Korean War/Viet Nam War displays in the middle building are now complete and the building is open for visitors. Thanks to all who helped get it ready!


David Ryan continues to work on his tail wheel rating and Jon Fleming has begun his checkout in the PT-26.


The Stinson 10a has had the lift struts stripped of paint, along with the wing slats. They will be painted first so that when the wings have been painted they can be immediately installed.


The C-45 needs to have a jack point made so that the landing gear can be removed and the overhauled gear installed. The T-6 is still waiting for the wing attach fairings and the encoder to be wired in.


The AT-19 is waiting on a replacement cable to complete its annual inspection, this should be installed before March 15, 2014.


We had a minor flood in the BOQ when a pipe broke during the cold weather. Mike Delano and Ned Shannon along with Malcolm Laing got the leak stopped and began cleanup. The following weekend it was an all hands event to get things cleaned up and dried out. Thanks to all who were able to come out and help.



5 February 2014


The weather has been up and down, with several weekends in a row being too cold to work on the aircraft, so we have been working on completing the Korean War/Viet Nam War displays in the middle building when the weather is bad. We expect to complete the displays by mid-February.


I need to welcome to our newest life member, David Ryan. David is a private pilot and has sponsored the L-2, and since it has completed its annual inspection, his tail wheel training has begun.


The T-6 is scheduled for paint in April if we can finish up a few minor issues. The Stinson 10a has had the fuel lines installed and some of the electrical system is now in place. The wings have now been removed for paint.


The C-45 has the right firewall completely cleaned and work has begun in the cockpit. The second engine should be purchased by March 1, giving us two engines ready for overhaul. The PT-26 completed its annual with no issues and is in flight status. Mike Delano and Brian Laing have completed their checkouts and Randy Moore is almost finished.


The AT-19 is now down for its annual, which we hope to complete by mid-February.


The new hanger and storage area are complete and the storage area has been utilized to get all the aircraft parts and airshow equipment into one location. The hangar portion belongs to Larry Neal and will house some of his aircraft. The new building makes an excellent backdrop to the A-7, giving the entire compound a new look.


The fence repairs from the windstorm just before the airshow have been completed with all damaged poles being replaced and new fencing put in place. All in all, things around the museum are looking very good, thanks to the dedicated volunteers. A big thanks to all of you who have shown up to keep the progress at a steady pace!



11 November 2013


The PT-26 safely arrived at the Museum on October 24, 2013, being flown in on a ferry permit from Casa Grande, AZ. Mike Delano, Ned Shannon and Malcolm Laing made the trip over with the Museum truck and trailer to Casa Grande to inspect the aircraft and determine the best way to get it to its new home safely. Linda and Gene Irvin were exceptional hosts for the crew during their stay and after a full day of inspection it was determined by Dave Goss of Gosshawk Unlimited that it was safe to be ferried back to Slaton. With Malcolm Laing flying the PT-26 and Mike Delano and Ned Shannon shadowing as closely as possible along the ground, the airplane is now safely in Slaton and will undergo a complete annual inspection.



14 October 2013


First I need to welcome to our two newest life members, Robert "Gene" Irvin and his wife Linda Irvin. I also get to thank them for their generous donation of a Fairchild PT-26, which is currently located in Casa Grande, AZ. It is painted in RAF colors, as it served in Canada during the war, in both No. 33 and No. 23 training squadrons. As you can guess, this means "Road Trip" to inspect it and arrange for either an annual or to truck it back. It was flying 2 years ago so we do not expect any problems, but we have learnt over the years not to assume anything. (Special thanks to Jack McGorray for use of his photograph of our new plane)


PT-26 by Jack McGorray


The T-6 has had several hours of test flight time with no major issues reported. We still have a few small items to finish, but those do not keep it from flying.


S-10A Windscreen


The Stinson 10a has had the front windscreen fitted, engine final mounted and we are working on the interior headliner and floors. Stripping the 7 layers of paint on the slats and fairings had been time consuming for the volunteers, but they look good when completed. Thanks to Jon Fleming and Randy Moore for their work on it.


The C-45 has had the DF loop test fitted and wiring in the aft fuselage and cabin area has begun. Cleaning the firewalls and tubing on the right side nacelle is underway, one good engine core has been purchased, it can be test fitted to assure the plumbing all goes in the correct location. One of the new volunteers, David Ryan, has been instrumental in getting the hangar cleaned up so that the C-45 parts can be located and laid out for cleaning.


AT-19 with Model TAT-19 Flying


Museum Members have attended several local airshows with the AT-19 and the Sonia having great crowd appeal. Thanks to Mike Delano and Randy Moore for flying them to them to the shows and giving tours.


Jon Fleming got recurrent in the L-2, but it is now down for its annual.


A big thank you needs to go out to Matthews Backhoe for the work they donated to remove the old concrete leanto floor. Corky Matthews who is one of the founding members and his crew were in and out in one afternoon, clearing the way for the new hanger and storage area that will now begin construction.


The fence repairs from the windstorm just before the airshow have begun, with the damaged poles being replaced and new fencing put in place. The north fence has been completed and the southwest fence area is waiting on the new hangar to be built so that the fence can but up against it.


Several other new volunteers, Brent Marshall and his daughter Gabby along with Richard Crawford have been a great help keeping the grounds and displays neat and well groomed this summer, without their help would not be looking as good for visitors as we should.


The Museum crew cab truck also has a new look following the windstorm. It was heavily damaged by a runaway cotton trailer and other debris but it has been repaired and a flatbed put on the back for more practical use. It also has the museum logo on the doors and looks sharp.


New Truck



28 August 2013


It is with great sadness the Texas Air Museum has to report the loss of another member. Tex Edwards, a longtime warbird and cropduster pilot, was killed in a car accident Monday evening, August 26, 2013, while driving home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his friends across the country.



10 June 2013


I just want to send out a quick note about the air show to bring everyone up to date. The weather was near perfect, partly cloudy skies, 88 degrees with a breeze straight down the runway at 10-15 miles per hour. OUTSTANDING! Was the word heard from almost every person I visited with following the best attended show we have ever had. To Jason Newberg -Viper air shows, the jet car "Ms. Dmeaner" and the surprising motorcycle act, Bob Carlton, Tora, Scott Lane and Jeff Southern, the support of the Yellow Rose B-25 Squadron, High Sky Wing, and Dewline Squadron of the CAF, Tex Edwards and friends, Ramar Communications and Neal Aircraft, our other donors, the museum volunteers and I am sure several others that I have forgotten, THANKS for making it a great success.


On the Thursday night before the airshow the museum and the City of Slaton were subjected to winds exceeding 85 MPH as a large thunderstorm complex moved thru the area. Several hangers and buildings on the field suffered wind damage and the museum was no exception. The hanger doors on the flight hanger were blown in, causing no damage to the aircraft, but bending the upper support rails and damaging the doors themselves. Numerous volunteers spent the entire day working to clean up the debris and get the doors were they were serviceable, (we will have to get them properly repaired as soon as possible) and would not fall down during the show. Then, Friday night another large thunderstorm moved into the area and we all had to scramble to get the visiting aircraft under cover. We used every available spot on the airport and were able to provide hangar space for them all. (See the photo of "Yellow Rose" in the flight hanger) Several volunteers wanted to break the doors again so that we could keep her in Slaton, but were talked out of it. Our thanks to everyone that helped that night and lent us their unused hangar space.



Estimated attendance for the show was the best we ever have had (just under 9,000), which stretched our PA system past its limit. The Lubbock County Sheriffs that we had helping did a great job keeping traffic going as did the ladies taking the entrance fees, keeping the lines short and moving smoothly. The vendors were very happy, with three of them selling out of food. The visitors were great to, the trash after the air show was minimal, the only complaints being that some people on the south end could not hear the PA system.


It was really great to see so many T-6's on our ramp at one time! Our recently finished T-6 was on display and we had numerous complements on the quality of the interior restoration. We will send it for paint when we are sure we have everything just right.



22 April 2013


The T-6 has had one test flight with the gear retracted (See the attached photos of the flight.) and we are working our way thru the short squawk list. The Stinson 10-A has had the engine mounted and the wings mounted for a test fit, we will leave them on until after air show.


T-6 Flying CleanT-6 Flying Clean


Air show meetings are now weekly until after the show, at 3 pm every Saturday. On April 27, we will have a burger and bean cookout before the meeting, please come!


See the attached poster below for air show details!


2013 Air Show Poster



06 April 2013


We dotted the last "i" and crossed the last "t", and the T-6 is in annual! So, before the airshow meeting, with both Chris and Jamie Mills in attendance (they made a very pleasant surprise appearance!), the T-6 made its first flight since 1986, when a previous owner bellied it in with an engine failure. (See the attached photos of the flight.) The landing gear were left down for the first flight on purpose as a safety precaution. The T-6 will be finished in Navy colors after a few hours of shake-down flights. This will complete the 7 year total restoration of the T-6, as it is now airworthy. Stay tuned for 2013 airshow details!




19 March 2013


The Texas Air Museum regrets to announce that long time member and volunteer Jim Davis passed away today March 19, 2013, after a short illness following a stroke. Jim will be greatly missed, he was one of the original 10 members that opened the Texas Air Museum - Caprock Chapter in 1993. The Museum would not be what it is today without his help and guidance.



16 March 2013


We buttoned up the T-6 completely for the first time and checked the brakes one last time. The airplane then was taxied down to the end of runway 36 and successfully completed two high speed taxi tests (See the attached photos) The inspector has completed the inspection and is finishing the paperwork so that the first flight since 1986 should occur later this month. The T-6 will be finished in Navy colors after a few hours of shake down flights. This will complete the 7 year total restoration of the T-6 as it becomes the newest addition to the flying fleet.



The Stinson 10A will now be moved to center stage in the restoration hangar and work will commence to paint the wings, mount the overhauled engine and fit the interior.


Two P&W 985 engines have been located for the C-45, but we are still looking for two propellers. Only minor progress to report on the C-45, as the T-6 and center hangar have consumed most of the volunteers time for the past nine months.


The T-33 will receive the marking of the T-33 that Col. Jim Gibler flew as a Lt. in the Air Force T-33 demo team. Weather has been the only reason that this has not already been completed. The Air Force ROTC Cadets from Texas Tech have cleaned and begun to repaint the F-105, again weather has hampered our outside activities.


The last nine months have seen numerous volunteers and over a thousand hours spent in the middle building cleaning it up and preparing Korean War and Vietnam War displays. The final displays should be complete in the next few weeks and the only word I can use is stunning. It will be reopen well before the Airshow on June 8. Many thanks to the volunteers, Randy Moore, Chris Whiting, Mike Peterson, Brian Laing, Mike Delano, Dustin Delano, Steve Oldham, Mike Toney, Mark Hamilton, James Clark and anyone else that I missed.


Randy Moore also planned and completed the corner display in the main flight hangar which serves as a back drop for the Me-108 on display. Great job!


As noted earlier the weather, between funky winds or cold and snow, has been a little strange and has kept us from getting the aircraft out as often as we would like.


Airshow meeting are now every two weeks, the next meeting is March 23. Last meeting discussed fire and rescue, funding and pyro. Job assignments, parking and traffic control are on the schedule for the next meeting. As always, we encourage everyone to attend the meetings and help us continue our history of fun and safe airshows.



26 October 2012


We had a great turnout on Saturday, October 20, 2012 when the T-6 ran up and taxied down to the fuel pumps. What a difference it makes to see it moving under its own power! (See the attached photos) The flaps were checked and so was the prop, which both worked correctly, except the pressure gauge on the hydraulic system did not work. The brakes were a bit sticky so they will have to be inspected and adjusted, then we will be ready to have an inspector look it over for the annual, make any final adjustments and we will begin to close it up for flight. When the T-6 is finished and flying, it will be repainted in Navy colors.



The Stinson 10A wings were moved out of storage and inspected, along with getting the headliner and sound proofing material for the boot cowl.


The T-33 received a much needed facelift over the past 2 months with the help of numerous volunteers and the CAP and looks much better, thanks to all who participated. The Air Force ROTC Cadets from Texas Tech have begun to clean and repaint the F-105.


The past three months have seen numerous volunteers and hundreds of hours spent in the middle building cleaning it up and preparing Korean War and Vietnam War displays. While it is still in progress, many thanks to the volunteers, Randy Moore (who has done a fantastic job on the Quonset hut display), Chris Whiting, Mike Peterson, Brian Laing, Mike Delano, Dustin Delano, Steve Oldham, Mike Toney and anyone I missed.


A special thanks to Chris Mills needs to go out for all his work maintaining the website.


If you are out at the museum you need to stop in at the BOQ and see Mike Petersons Diorama of the B-25, it is stunning! Chris Whiting has continued to upgrade displays and the German Africa Corp display is worthy of special note.


Congratulations to Randy Moore who received his tail wheel endorsement in the L-2 last month.



22 August 2012


The Museum has set the date of the next air show as June 8, 2013. The air show meeting on July 21 had more great ideas put forward and a number of sponsors were announced. Specific areas that have been noted as issues in the past were discussed and plans laid out to address those items. The next meeting, which is on August 25, 2012 at 4 pm, will discuss the specific acts for the show and the early confirmations for some of the acts.


Volunteers Chris Whiting, Steve Oldham, Mike Peterson and Brian Laing painted short wall in the main display building for the Tirpiz display and Chris Whiting then completed the display which is awesome! The Africa Corp display was moved over to the main display building and other displays were updated.


An all hands project to paint the walls in the middle display building resulted in the main walls being finished and Volunteer Randy Moore has assembled the frame of the Quonset hut that will be on display in the Middle building. Randy and Brian Laing also headed up a tree trimming job the past few weeks that was way overdue. Thanks to both of them for their hard work.


Sandy Kimball donated a large used forklift which has already come in handy on several projects. Chris and Jamie Mills made their annual anniversary donation, which is greatly appreciated.


Construction of the storage hanger is on track to begin this fall and in preparation for it the old portable building on the southwest side of the exterior display yard was emptied and removed.


The electrical wiring on the T-6 has been completed and it has been test run a second time to check some additional instruments which were hooked up. The three bladed propeller was removed (it looked great, but the recurring AD was going to be a problem) and a freshly overhauled two bladed propeller was installed. The maywest assemblies on the leading edge have been installed and we are beginning to do the final adjustments to all the connections throughout the entire aircraft. While no date has been set for the first taxi, we are hoping for the middle of next month.



2 July 2012


UPDATE! Museum volunteers Mike Peterson, Malcolm Laing, and Brian Laing pulled the T-6 out of the hangar on Friday, June 29th and started its engine for the first time since beginning restoration. With Mike Peterson at the controls, the engine ran strong and clean for the short 5 minute test. Congratulations to everyone who has helped it get to this point!



26 June 2012


The Texas Air Museum had a great time at the bi-annual air show at Winston Field (KSNK) in Snyder, TX on June 16, 2012. A large number of warbirds were on the ramp, thanks in part to the help of the High Sky wing of the CAF. Also attracting a lot of attention was the pair of Spitfire mark 26's from Cisco.


The Museum had its first June 2013 air show meeting on June 23. A number of great ideas for the show were discussed, along with some specific things to clarify for the next meeting which is on July 21, 2012 at 4 pm.


Volunteer Jamie Mills has started her P-3 training for the US Navy, her husband (also a Volunteer) Chris Mills is now working in Alaska. Volunteer Mike Friedrich has begun the prep work to repaint the NA-64 in Casa Grande. Volunteers Chris Whiting, Steve Oldham and Brian Laing put up a short wall in the main display building to enlarge the Tirpiz display. Several other displays have been updated and refreshed, making a distinct difference in the appearance of those displays.


The Stinson 10A tail cone has been shipped off for rebuild; it is scheduled back the first part of July. The horizontal stabilizer is ready for silver, however it has really been too hot to set up the painting we need for the parts for both the Stinson and the T-6. The electrical wiring continues on the T-6, the list of things to do on it is getting much shorter.


The Museum also regretfully notes the passing of another long time Member, Bill Anderson. Bill, who had been a member for the past 15 years, passed away earlier this month in New York after a short illness. Our prayers go out to his wife and family.



31 May 2012


The Museum regretfully notes the passing of one of our long time members, Howard Pardue. Howard was killed in his F8f Bearcat on April 4, in Breckenridge, Texas. He will be greatly missed.


On Wednesday, May 16, Mike Friedrich and Ron Blanton drove over to the Museum from Casa Grande, AZ. Mike Friedrich and Malcolm Laing then flew the NA-64 back over to Casa Grande on Thursday while Ron Blanton drove back with the baggage and spare parts.


Mike Peterson has the canopy frames and new Plexiglas installed on the T-6, along with the right wing tip and leading edge cantilevers. The wobble pump was sent off for rebuild and has been reinstalled. The wiring continues to make progress, with thanks to Ned Shannon who has spent so much time on the electrical work.


The Museum had a distinct presence at the local gun show in April, with many new contacts and potential members coming by and visiting. Thanks go out to Steve Oldham and Chris Whiting for all their work putting that together.


The Stinson 10A tail cone has been shipped off for rebuild; it should be back the first part of July. The horizontal stabilizer has been covered and is ready for silver.


The Museum is looking for a P&W 985 Engine core so that we can begin plumbing the right side of the C-45. We had hoped to mirror the left side, but too many tubes and fittings were missing.


The AT-19 had a small problem with a spot where battery acid had leaked onto the fabric. This has been repaired and the annual should be signed off next week, in time for the bi-annual air show at Winston Field (KSNK) in Snyder, TX on June 16, 2012. Numerous warbird aircraft have been confirmed for the show, we hope you will consider attending; it should be a great time.



14 March 2012


The meeting on January 21 was highly successful, with multiple ideas being presented; a few of which have already been used and several more are being explored for implementation. Thank you to all who attended.


A special thanks to Chris Whiting for all his work in sorting the artifacts in storage and his work in the Korean war/Vietnam war display building.


The T-6 ailerons have been covered with Ceconite and taped, with the first 2 coats of clear butyrate brushed on. They are now ready for at least 3 coats of silver to be applied. The magneto wiring has been installed and fuel was placed into the tanks for a leak test. We are now ready for the final wiring and canopy glass installation.


The Stinson 10A fuselage has been painted with 7 coats of silver, three coats of white and 3 coats of either red or blue butyrate. Thanks go out to Mike Hauf, Steve Oldham, Randy Moore, Brian Laing, and Malcolm Laing for all their work. The airplane has been moved back to the maintenance hangar for fitting the interior and plumbing the firewall forward. Work began on covering the horizontal stabilizer and fitting the elevators, which have already been covered.


Stinson 10A FuselageStinson 10A Fuselage


The C-45 has had the right rudder covered with Ceconite and the first 2 coats of clear butyrate brushed on. Thanks to Brian Laing for his help on that.


The AT-19 is undergoing its annual and the cowl has been repainted and the nose art is being applied. Mike Delano is the lead for the nose art, we are looking forward seeing the completed design on "London Nights".


Recent weather has kept the Museum aircraft grounded, but we are looking forward to a series of fly in's and air shows in the coming months to present the aircraft to the public. The Museum is sponsoring the bi-annual air show at Winston Field (KSNK) in Snyder, TX on June 16, 2012. "Tora" aircraft and an F8F Bearcat are currently confirmed for the show, along with numerous others. We hope you will consider attending, it should be a great time.



14 January 2012


The Texas Air Museum will hold a general meeting on January 21, 2012 to discuss ways to increase and stabilize the Museum's annual income. Our current methods, which have worked for the past 18 years, have been under strain due to the economy the past 2 years. Hopefully, the meeting will produce some new ideas that will enhance our funding. Please plan to attend!


The T-6 has been up on jacks for gear swings and flap testing. We encountered some problems with the plumbing which set us back for a few weeks, but the gear and flaps are now functional. Bill Parker has located a rear sliding canopy for us, which was the last major assembly we were missing. Ailerons are being covered and, weather permitting, should be installed by the first week or two of February.


The Stinson 10A fuselage has been the focus of more than a month of work as it has been covered with Ceconite and taped, with the first 2 coats of clear butyrate brushed on. It needs some reinforcing tapes around the doors and it will be ready for the 3 coats of silver to be applied. Thanks go out to Steve Oldham, Chris Whiting, Brian Laing and Malcolm Laing for all their work.


The C-45 has had the emergency escape door restored and test fitted by Mike Hauf, who is now working on the main fuselage access door.


The AT-19 is undergoing its annual and the cowl is being repainted so that nose art can be applied. Mike Delano is the lead for the nose art, we are looking forward to the final design on "London Nights". The L-2M "Tumbleweed" and Ki-51 are being flown on a fairly regular basis, with museum members building time and developing the skills necessary to move up to the next level for them.



19 November 2011


The Play Day was great fun and everyone who wanted a flight got one in the museum aircraft. We also hosted a flight for the Texas Tech Air Force ROTC cadets, with help from Brian Rose, Curtis Thomas, Tye Lane, Scott Lane and Malcolm Laing. One winning Cadet even got a ride in the T-28.


The T-6 hydraulic system is complete and awaiting final testing. The brake system is complete had has been tested. Electrical wiring is progressing nicely and we are beginning to see assemblies being adjusted and finalized.


The Stinson 10A has had most of the old paint stripped off and some minor dent repair completed. The head liner is ready to install and the vertical tail has been covered with fabric. The 0 time engine has been installed and covering the fuselage is the next major step.


The CAP cadets completed painting the F-101 and it now awaits the markings for final completion. What a difference they have made in the way the "Voodoo" looks!


Randy Moore has begun his checkout in the L-2M, Steve Sperry is working on a checkout in the Ki-51 and Mike Delano has been checked out in the NA-64. Congratulations on all your hard work.



17 September 2011


We had a great turnout on Saturday, September 3 when the wings were installed on the T-6. What a difference it makes to see it with wings! I know that it will be a little harder to work around, but I also know that I am a lot more motivated. Thanks to everyone that took the time to come out, it made the job go very smoothly.


As a side note, the T-6 replacement wings had Spanish markings on them when we originally got them. You can see the markings on the wings in the photos that will soon be posted on the restoration page. When the T-6 is finished and flying, it will be repainted in Navy colors.


Additionally, the oil lines and oil cooler were installed the past few weeks and the Texan now has oil in it. The brake system is also complete; we will finalize it and test the brakes in the next few weeks. We still have a lot work to do and a lot of parts to locate, but at least the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train.


The Stinson 10A was moved out from storage and some stripping of old paint begun on the boot cowl. We have contacted someone about doing the head liner and hope to have that resolved in October.


The F-4 received a much needed facelift over the past 2 months with the help of numerous volunteers and looks much better, thanks to all who participated.


Congratulations to Randy Moore who has received his private pilot's license! He plans to sponsor the L-2 next month.


The next Museum Play Day will be October 1, 2011, 2:00 pm until... Please plan to attend and bring a friend who might be interested in joining the Museum.



4 August 2011


Since the air show, work on the T-6 has progressed remarkably, and we are starting to think about the first engine run in the next 6-8 weeks. All the landing gear mechanisms for gear-up lock and retract are now in place, all control rods installed, oil cooler and vacuum pump sent for rebuild, firewall forward hydraulic lines are being installed along with some of the brake lines. If you are out at the museum, please give a huge thank you and congratulations to Mike Peterson, who has been named the T-6 crew chief for all his work on the T-6 this past year.


Hope to have the wings on by mid September, and then a push out to see how the engine systems work. After this complete rebuild, there will of course be a lot of adjusting to do. First flight before the New Year is a distinct possibility!!!


I do not want to miss noting that there has also been progress on the C-45, with some of the hoses and fitting being reinstalled in the right wing.


After the first T-6 engine run, we are planning to have a play day. The weather should be a little cooler, and the planes will all be up and running.


We have had a lot of progress on the flight operations side, with Mike Hauf being checked out in the Ki-51, Brian Laing getting his tailwheel endorsement, and Steve Sperry beginning his tail wheel training. Randy Moore is in the process of completing his last 3 hours of prep before going for his private license, and should have his license by the end of the month, he then plans to sponsor the L-2 and begin work on his tailwheel endorsement. Congratulations to them all!


It is good to see the different pilots moving up in aircraft qualifications, it also proves that the system is working.



9 June 2011


A big Thanks! to all the volunteers who helped make the 2011 air show a great success! The crowd attending the show was about the same as last year (7500 or so) and the weather cooperated to let us have a safe and profitable show. The Viper air show team and Spanky Galloway put on an extraordinary double act that really was a standout.


The Reno air race demo (Howard Pardue and Nelson Ezell) also appeared to be a big hit with the crowd who had never seen anything like it. Our new parking plan appears to work, we just need to make it go faster. Thanks again to James Clark who made the new ticket booths.


Clean up Sunday had Malcolm Laing, Brian Laing, Steve Oldham, Payton Oldham, Mike Delano, Dustin Delano, Mike Friedrich, Randy Moore, and Alex Olachia out cleaning up the tents, roped-off areas, trash, left overs, etc. that normally are left behind after the show. Cars were returned, golf carts loaded up and by the end of the afternoon the airport looked normal again. But speaking for myself, it was really hard to get up and get going Sunday morning, so an additional thanks for the help Sunday morning.


Congratulations to Jannelle Diggs, who was unanimously selected as the volunteer of the year for her work developing and promoting the air show this past year.


And a note for those who missed the show, the T-28B was made it back from the paint shop the week before the show. While 6 months does seem like a long time to paint an airplane, the paint shop did a great job, and the airplane made a truly striking appearance flying in the show.


And last but by no means least, a huge thank you to all of our sponsors that allowed us to put the air show on in the first place!